History of the DVS


  • Inaugural meeting with 176 attendees in Munich. Prof. Dr. Andreas H. Trebels (Hannover) was elected first president


  • 1st University Day of the DVS in Göttingen (Sport Science as an Active Field of Study)
  • 1st DVS Committee was formed (Physical Education Studies)


  • 2nd University Day of the DVS in Heidelberg (Difficulties of Research in Sport Science)
  • DVS becomes a member of the German Sports Federation (Deutscher Sportbund, abbr.: DSB)


  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Willimczik (Darmstadt, then Bielefeld) was elected first president


  • 3rd University Day of the DVS in Cologne


  • Volume 1 of the DVS Series was published (by its own publisher, Clausthal-Zellerfeld)
  • 4th University Day of the DVS in Würzburg (Sports and Health – Sports in Special Needs Education – Practice)
  • 1st DVS section was formed (History of Sports)


  • 5th University Day of the DVS in Tübingen (Games – Activities – Playing)


  • The DVS commented on the DSB policy statement, regarding children in competitive sports


  • Agreement with the German Research Foundation (DFG) to the nomination of special reviewers
  • 6th University Day of the DVS in Bremen (Taking Actions in Sports)
  • Amongst other things: Adoption of the statement about advancement of young academics


  • 7th University Day of the DVS in Mainz (Applied Sport Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Kurz (Bielefeld) was elected first president
  • First edition of "DVS Information"


  • Symposium "10 years of DVS" at the Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp) in Cologne


  • 8th University Day of the DVS in Paderborn (Areas of Activity for Kids and Teenagers)
  • 1st DVS summer academy for young academics


  • Cooperation with the "German Association of Sport Psychology" (asp), to form the DVS section “Sport Psychology”


  • 9th University Day of the DVS in Freiburg (Competitive Sports – a Challenge for Sport Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Elk Franke (Osnabrück) was elected first president


  • Merging of Sport Science in East and West Germany


  • 10th University Day of the DVS in Oldenburg (Sport Science – Join the Dialog)
  • Statement of the DVS about doping in high-performance sports
  • Rearrangement of the internal structure of the DVS and revision of the DVS constitution
  • Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Scherler (Hamburg) was elected first president


  • Cooperation with the German Association of P.E. Teachers (DSLV), subsequent to the breakup of the German Association of Physical Education (ADL)


  • DVS becomes a member of the "International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education" (ICSSPE), replacing the ADL
  • Composition of the program "Long-term Protection of Sport Science: Promotion of Young Academics"
  • The DVS Series will be continued as "Schriften der Deutschen Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft, Volumes 47 to 72 available at Academia publishers, Sankt Augustin


  • 11th University Day of the DVS in Potsdam ("Sport: at School, in Sport Clubs, in Corporate Environments")


  • Supporting the DSB with the composition of a "Memorandum for Promotion of Sport Science"


  • 12th University Day of the DVS in Frankfurt/Main ("Sport in your CV")
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Zieschang (Bayreuth) was elected first president
  • Institution of the DVS Main Office in Hamburg with a full-time director


  • The DVS Series will henceforth be published by the Czwalina Verlag, Hamburg, starting with Vol. 73
  • Symposium "20 Years of DVS" at the BISp in Cologne


  • "DVS Information" will be published quarterly with a new design
  • 13th University Day of the DVS in Bayreuth ("Performance in Sports – Balance in Life")


  • Web presence of the DVS in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt and online access to “DVS Information” in cooperation with the University of Hamburg (TU Darmstadt since 2000)


  • Volume 100 of the DVS Series published
  • 14th University Day of the DVS in Heidelberg ("Dimensions and Visions of Sports")
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Schmidt (Essen) was elected first president


  • DVS becomes a member of "IuK – an Initiative for Scientific Associations" and "idw - Scientific Information Service”


  • 15th University Day of the DVS in Cologne, along with the 6th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science ("Perspectives and Profiles")
  • Celebration of "25 Years of DVS" at the BISp in Bonn


  • Chairmanship and main committee resolve upon publishing a scientific journal by the DVS


  • Adoption of the "Job Ethics for Sport Scientists" and Institution of an Ethics Board
  • 16th University Day of the DVS in Münster ("Sport goes Media")
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Strauß (Münster) was elected first president


  • Relaunch of the DVS website under the following link: www.sportwissenschaft.de
  • Resolution of the DVS main committee to cooperate with the magazine “Sportwissenschaft" (Sport Science)


  • DVS became a member of Plattform Ernährung und Bewegung e.V. (Nutrition and Activity Platform)
  • Volume 1 of the series "Living out Sport Science" published as part of the DVS Series
  • 17th University Day of the DVS in Leipzig ("Sport in Europe")
  • Adoption of the "Memorandum for Development in Sport Science"
  • Cooperation Agreement with the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) for the purpose of initiating a Sports Medicine Section with an “Economics within Sports Research Group” for the DVS
  • The DVS awarded their “Goldene Ehrennadel” (golden badge of honor) for the first time


  • DVS became co-editor of the scientific magazine "Sportwissenschaft" (Cancelling their membership magazine "DVS Informationen" at the same time)
  • Launch of the joint project "Virtual Specialized Library of Sports Science" of the Central Library of Sports Science (ZB Sport), the BISp, IAT, FES Bonn and the DVS, aided by the DFG
  • The first ever DVS membership newsletter sent via email
  • Celebration of "30 Years of DVS" in Munich
  • Integration of the "Sport Science Forum" for young academics into the DVS Series; Offering a prize for “Young Academics in Sport Science”
  • Relaunch of the online journal "Bewegung und Training” (Activity and Practice)


  • DVS took on the task to develop a motor skills test for children and teenagers (via SMK)
  • DVS became a founding member of the "IuK – an Initiative for Scientific Associations"
  • 18th University Day of the DVS in Hamburg ("City - Sports - Culture")
  • Adoption of the DVS statement regarding Doping in High Performance Sports
  • The "Virtual Specialized Library of Sports Science" went online
  • Former DVS president Karlheinz Scherler passed away at the age of 62


  • Talks with the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) about including Sport Science in the CHE Universityranking
  • Negotiations with publishers about the continuation of the "Sportwissenschaft" magazine from 2009 forward
  • Resolution of a new concept for DVS events for young academics
  • Ethics Board composed a statement regarding appellate proceedings and expert opinions
  • Commotion about Prof. Dr. Arnd Krüger’s speech about the 1972 Olympics
  • Protest of the DVS against the resolutions regarding elementary teachers, made by the KMK (The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany)


  • Springer published the scientific magazine "Sportwissenschaft"
  • Contribution of the DVS to the "computer.sport" exhibition, at the HNF in Paderborn
  • Institution of an ad-hoc-committee for "Developing Sports"
  • Sport Science was part of the CHE-HochschulRanking for the first time (development of concepts to support published analysis of by the CHE)
  • "Award for Publications of Young Academics in Sport Science" awarded for the first time
  • 19th University Day of the DVS in Münster ("Potential for Education in Sports")
  • Prof. Dr. Dorothee Alfermann was elected first president
  • Cancellation of the Tennis Committee
  • First Honor Membership of the DVS (to Ommo Grupe)
  • Adoption of the "Memorandum for Physical Education"


  • Volume 200 of the DVS Series published
  • 40 Years of Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp)
  • Honorary member Ommo Grupe celebrated his 80th birthday
  • Adoption of the “Memorandum for Regional Development of Sports”, along with the cancellation of the ad-hoc-committee for "Developing Sports"
  • Frederik Borkenhagen left the DVS after 19 years. The DVS honored his efforts and accomplishments with the “Goldene Ehrennadel”
  • Institution of an ad-hoc committee for “Physical Education”


  • 20th University Day of the DVS in Halle/S. ("Innovation - Creativity - Performance")
  • The Willibald Gebhardt Institute agreed to fund the DVS award for publications from 2011-2015
  • Foundation of committe "Material Arts"


  • Cooperation Agreement with the JSPEHSS
  • The former DVS-President Dietrich Kurz celebrated his 70th birthday


  • 21th University Day of the DVS in Constance ("Sport Science without Borders?!")


  • Volume 240 of the DVS Series published
  • The former DVS Director (General Secretary) Prof. Dr. Gunter A. Pilz celebrate 70th birthday


  • 22th University Day of the DVS in Mainz ("Moving Minds – Crossing Boundaries in Sport Science")