The German Society of Sport Science (DVS) is a federation of researchers in the field of sport science, mostly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It has about 1000 members.

The DVS was founded in Munich in 1976. Our mission is to encourage and support research in sport science:

  • Advocating solid and proper scientific practices, in accordance with professional ethics
  • Supporting scientific communication within and among the DVS sections and committees
  • Publishing results and findings of its own congresses and symposia
  • Promotion of young academics in sport science
  • Statements on questions of academic study or teaching
  • Supporting modern personnel development in the field of sport science
  • National and international representation of sport science
  • The DVS is a nonprofit organization with an entry in the register of associations of the local court in Frankfurt upon Main (VR 7240).

Several institutions and boards serve to support the mission of the DVS. You can learn all about the structure of these boards by following this link…