International Mentorship

The DVS is striving to establish, to cultivate and to intensify their international contacts, and to encourage and to support their members to maintain their contacts abroad.

In order to achieve this goal, the DVS would like to establish a mentorship system. Every major country should have at least one mentor, who already has scientific contacts to that country and its particular institutes, in consequence of joint projects, research trips and the like.

Mentors are qualified contacts for the DVS executive committee regarding internationalization, possible cooperation agreements and so forth. Furthermore, mentors should help young academics to access relevant information faster – e.g. in case of a research trip, or in search of an expert for specific research-related questions.

Some colleagues have already signaled their willingness to participate. They represent the countries colored in cyan. If you have contacts in certain countries and you are interested to participate, then please get in touch with the DVS main office. In case you need any help with establishing international contacts, the DVS main office offers you their assistance.

Overview of Chinese and Japanese PhD students

In April 2012, there was a survey at all German institutes of sport science about whether or not Chinese or Japanese PhD students work there.

Here are the results of that survey (Initiates file downloadPDF, 04-2012).