dvs Membership

The German Society of Sport Science (dvs) represents about 1000 German sport scientists, pertaining to the politics of science.  

Members of the dvs have the opportunity to contribute to the opinion making process when it comes to questions about the politics of sports and of science. Furthermore, at reasonable prices, dvs members can participate in congresses and symposia of the sections and committees, and in the biannual dvs convention held every two years. There is a discount for members on the books of the dvs Series (dvs-Schriftenreihe) and they receive an electronic newsletter. The "German Journal of Exercies and Sport Science" ("Sportwissenschaft", published by Springer, Heidelberg) can be subscribed at a cheap rate.

Anybody working in the field of academic study or research in an institution of sport science, who has published works in the field of sport science, or who has a degree in sport science can become a regular member in the dvs. The executive committee can decide to allow others to become members, too, and other Institutions or Organizations can also become dvs members, if their mission statements are in agreement with that of the dvs.

Membership Fee
The current membership fees are 95,00 EUR per year. Members without a full-time employment can request for a reduced fee. The reduced fees are 45,00 EUR for half-time employees, student teachers and retired people; 25,00 EUR for students and unemployed people. For reduced fees you have to attach a confirmation of your status to the membership application and renew it at the end of each year, otherwise the full regular fee will be charged in the following year. The membership fee will automatically be withdrawn via direct debiting system at the beginning of the year. Communicating your bank account information to the DVS head office is obligatory. If you become a member in the second half of the year, only half the fee is due.

You can find a membership application here (PDF). You can also inquire the dvs main office for this application and, within the next few days, they will send it to you by mail along with some more documents.

dvs Flyer to Download