The structure of the DVS

Different institutions carry out the work of the DVS: The highest institution is the general meeting of the DVS – it takes place at least every two years and all members are welcome to attend.

In between the general meetings, their responsibilities fall to the main committee, to which the board belongs, along with representatives of the sections and committees.

The board of the DVS consists of the president, the treasurer, and up to four more vice presidents. The director supports the work of the chairmanship.

The ethics board is there to advise the DVS board when it comes to general or special questions about the ethics of sport science. It also reviews accusations of ethical misconduct in formal complaints.

Sections and Committes

The sections and committees of the DVS organize congresses and symposia; they are at the core of all communication related to sport science.

  • Sections are divided into topics and disciplines of sport science.
  • Committees are problem-oriented; primarily concerned with questions of a single sport and aspects of a sport respectively

In certain instances, ad-hoc-committees can be formed to deal with special issues for a limited time.