Writings of the DVS

The DVS Series “Writings of the DVS” documents all events (symposia, meetings, congresses, etc.) that are organized by the DVS, along with further works related to sport science. First published in 1981, this DVS Series was called DVS protocols until volume 46, published by its own publishers (Clausthal-Zellerfeld). Volumes 47 to 72 were published together with Academia (Sankt Augustin) and since volume 73 the books of the DVS Series are published by Feldhaus (Hamburg).

ou can find an overview of all titles published in the DVS Series following this Opens internal link in new windowlink!

Available books can be purchased via bookstores or directly from the DVS Opens internal link in current windowmain office. Members of the DVS get 25% off of the retail price when they order directly from the DVS main office. On account, Feldhaus publishers do the shipping, with additional shipping costs. Older publications (before 1990) are generally not in stock, with few exceptions.

Many articles (field "exercise and training") that are out of print can be found online here – The setup of a digital archive for full texts is in progress.

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If you have any questions regarding the DVS Series, please contact the DVS main office.


The German Journal of Sports Science

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The DVS and the BISp (Federal Institute of Sport Science) became co-editors oft he Opens external link in new windowGerman Journal of Sport Science (Zeitschrift "Sportwissenschaft") in 2006. It had been published by Hofmann publishers (Schorndorf) until 2008. Since 2009 Springer (Heidelberg) is the new publisher: old and new subscribers alike need to subscribe with Springer now!

"Sportwissenschaft" has the mission to inform about the state of literature and research, about findings and about essential questions and problems of sport science. Therefore original articles, research reports and congress speeches, discussions and reviews are being published. You can find out more about the content of "Sportwissenschaft" Opens internal link in new windowhere.

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Since 2006, each edition of "Sportwissenschaft" has an information section of the DVS. You can find these sections Opens internal link in new windowhere.

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